SBBS 41 x 82 x 2.5mm Back to back welded

82 MM B2B Slotted Channel

Code :SBBS 82/2.5 H

Available Finish :
Hot-Dip Galvanized -H
Electroplated Zinc -Z
Pre-Galvanized -PG
Stainless Steel Type 304 -S4
Stainless Steel Type 316 -S6
Powdercoat -PC
Aluminium -AL
Dacromet -D




C-profile with serrated edges – for higher pull-out and shear capacity
Long back slots – for more flexible attachment options and round holes for optimised anchor fastening
Pre-marked dimensions – for rapid installation, assembly and cutting
Versatile and flexible due to modular channel system
Sound insulation elements available for all MQ installation channels

Manufactured by cold rolling to BS 6946:1988 and marked at regular intervals along each length with the Stutfast name and BS number.

Product Datasheet