How Did Mexico Benefit from the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) Quizlet


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was signed in 1994 between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. NAFTA is a trade agreement that aimed to eliminate tariffs on goods and services among the three countries. NAFTA was a significant milestone for Mexico, and it has brought about numerous benefits to the country. This article discusses how Mexico has benefited from NAFTA using Quizlet.

1. Increased Exports:

NAFTA has opened up the Mexican market to the United States and Canada, creating an increase in exports. According to Quizlet, Mexico`s exports to the United States tripled since NAFTA was signed. The agreement allowed for easier access to the U.S and Canadian markets, providing Mexico with more significant opportunities to export goods and services.

2. Job Creation:

NAFTA has created many job opportunities in Mexico. According to Quizlet, the agreement has helped create over 900,000 jobs in Mexico. This is due to the increased demand for Mexican products and services. NAFTA has encouraged foreign investors to set up manufacturing plants in Mexico and to hire Mexican workers.

3. Economic Growth:

NAFTA has contributed to Mexico`s economic growth. Mexico`s economy is now more integrated with the North American economy, allowing for increased trade and investment opportunities. According to Quizlet, Mexico`s GDP has grown by 50% since NAFTA was implemented, and the country has become the United States` second-largest trading partner.

4. Technology Transfer:

NAFTA has facilitated technology transfer to Mexico. The agreement has allowed for the easy transfer of technology and knowledge between the three countries. This has helped Mexico`s industries advance technologically, improving product quality and increasing competitiveness.

5. Foreign Investment:

NAFTA has opened up Mexico to more foreign investment. According to Quizlet, since NAFTA was signed, foreign investment in Mexico has tripled. The agreement has made Mexico more attractive to foreign investors, with its strategic location and access to the U.S. and Canadian markets.


NAFTA has brought about numerous benefits to Mexico, including increased exports, job creation, economic growth, technology transfer, and foreign investment. The agreement has made Mexico more competitive in the global marketplace and has helped to improve the standard of living for many Mexicans. Despite some criticisms of NAFTA, it is clear that the agreement has been beneficial to Mexico.

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